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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

     The West Side Story is about two gangs who hate each other; the Sharks and the Jets. The reason these two gangs don't like each other is because they think one is better than the other. These gangs also took place in New York City, in the 1950s. In those two gangs there was a boy and a girl, but they were on different sides. These two people were in love but couldn't be together because they were from different sides. So they snuck around hiding their love from everyone. The day came when the two sides had their rummble, and when they had their rummble two people died; one including Benardo, Maria's brother. Maria finds out that Tony, her love had killed her brother, but she didn't care because she wanted to be with him. The story ended up that Tony dies and Maria hates everyone and has nothing now, but the memory of her brother and her one true love.
     The two conflicts of this movie are about hate, and love; and everybody deals with both in reality. In real life everyday people are killing, threatening and other terrible things, just because they hate someone. At schools people who hate someone starts fights and rumors, and all that mess is just ridiculous. In the movie it talks aout a relationship of two people who love each other, but can't be together; this happens in everyday life as well. Teenagers these days go through any trouble just to be with the one person they love the most. No matter if their parents band them from seeing each other. Today some parents want let their kids be with a different race; but honestly you can't help who you love and all parents need to understand that.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What i have learned so far!

In this first 6 weeks it has been crazy in this class. We have learned a lot of stuff such as the weather, classroom equipment, days, months, and much more. I like this class but it is very difficult for me. I don't comprehend stuff like this fast, and words that don't sound the same they are spelled; it confuses me. I also don't understand the femine, and masculante words; why can't it just be one word. Maybe i'm just fussing because i'm not doing as good in this class as i should be, but i am sure this next 6 weeks will be better. Well atleast they better be or my house hold want be very good.I am going to work a lot harder to, by studying i will boost up my grade a lot an i will be very happy about myself. For this 6 weeks i am going to make a high B, or a low A; on our next test. I will also do my homework an turn it in on time! I hope the rest of this semester is one i will never forget, and so far it's probably gonna be sticking with me! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Natalia le Gusta.

A Natalia le Gusta pasar tiempo con amigos, hablar por telefono, y unidad gusta una maniaco, pero sobre todo ella ama a pasar tiempo con su familia. A Natalia no me gustan tocar baloncesto, estudiar, o escribir cuentos. A Natalia es trabajador, hermosa, y una atrevido chica.

Me Gusta.

Me gustan practicar deportes, hablar por telefono, y pasar tiempo con amigos. No me gustan escribir cuentos, jugar videojuegos, ni montar en monopatin. Yo soy sociable con personas yo saber. Yo soy impaciente cuando yo soy conducir. Yo soy muy deportista; especialmente en softbol!